DiamondEar II - Absolute pitch ear training software

Why to choose DiamondEar II?

DiamondEar II is serious software to learn absolute pitch. There are also some other softwares to learn it, but those usually contain large gaps. Here are some examples.

It is vital to know how to practice when learning absolute pitch. You can't just start playing notes and guessing them. It will rarely lead to success. That is why DiamondEar II includes personal tutor that tells you what to do, plays exercises, monitors your progress, concentrates on your weaknesses and adjusts difficulty level to optimal. Other softwares rarely tell you how to practice and it is even more rare to have a tutor to guide you.

Most softwares use midi sounds which your ear is not familiar with. You don't want to use a month or two to familiarize these midi sounds to your ear and then start the actual practicing. That is why DiamondEar II uses samples that are near to real instruments. In the long run, it doesn't matter what sounds you use at the beginning, because our goal is to hear these colors from any timbre. But the fact is that you will have much greater motivation if you get results fast.

Naming notes may start to become boring after a while so it is important to keep you motivated. This is why DiamondEar II contains different exercise types that not only keep you motivated, but also speed up your training.

You can also download DiamondEarII demo and start practicing immediately. The demo contains several tutored lessons which help you to decide if full version is worth of buying.

DiamondEar II in action.
DiamondEar II in action.

How does the method work?

A method to learn absolute pitch is not a secret. If you use any search engine, you will quickly find out the basics of learning this skill. The most basic idea is to listen tones carefully and name them. Simple? It may be even too simple for some of us who don't have the patience to do it.

Here is a short version of how DiamondEar II handles it. You will start naming pitches with relative pitch. If you have good relative pitch, the beginning will be easy and you will progress quite fast. Otherwise, you will spend some time to learn the required level of relative pitch.

After that, we will slowly increase the difficulty level and it will eventually become easier for ear to listen tone colors instead of intervals. DiamondEar II will use different kind of exercises to help your ear to relay more and more on colors. At the end, absolute pitch and relative pitch will work together.

Please notice that DiamondEar II will not turn your ear to a super ear that you could name any tone from any cluster or remember any song after only one listening. After the course, you will be able to name all notes from instruments that are familiar to your ear. You will also get habit of listening carefully, so it will be easy to learn other instruments too. You don't have to learn all instruments one by one, because after few instruments, your ear will get the idea and will become able to hear tone colors from any timbre. When you can hear tone colors from any timbre, you will be able to remember these tone colors in your head (although this can happen much earlier). After that, you will be able to sing tones without reference.